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CD Review: Hijos de Agueybana’s ‘Agua del Sol’

Hijos de Agueybana
Agua del Sol
Tumi MusicPuerto Rico’s Hijos de Agueybana play bomba music on their latest offering, Agua del Sol. Bomba music is a richly-textured drum and dance music form born out of a group of Africans forced to work sugar plantations. The barrel drums and vocal choruses make the music stand out with tons of rhythm and magical musical textures. The group is led by Otoqui Reyes and consists of eight musicians. THe largely traditional nature of the vocals, drumming, and assorted percussion make Agua del Sol soar high with African ambiance. The thirteen tracks are rich with vibrant vocals and drumming, which resemble West African traditions in a contemporary form. The only sense of modernity is captured in the opening song, “Saludo al Sol,” which includes an electronic pan flute sound that plays throughout the mostly instrumental piece. Anyone interested in the traditional music of Puerto Rico should find Hijos de Agueybana in their repertoire. Matthew J. Forss