Hijos de Agüeybaná, Agua del Sol (Tumi Music)

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HIJOS de AGUEYBANA/Agua del Sol: Ten or twenty years ago, this would easily have been church basement music. Bomba, a sound that developed when African slaves worked in Puerto Rican sugar cane fields, it lends itself to interpretive moves and all that jazz. This player and his crew move it in a more contemporary direction that lends itself to multi media presentations that can stand on their own without arts council money. Taking a leaf from Paul Winter’s world incursions, the originating Afro-Caribe vibe is firmly in place but you don’t have to be scared off thinking this is off beat girl friend music. Certainly not for everyone, but if you enjoy flashing your hipster stripes to the sounds of Mongo Santamaria pre-salsa, are this and a blunt waiting for you! A nice ear opener.