Happy new year with David Alvarez

Tumi Music


Wishing all the lovers of Latin American Music, Tumi fans a very happy and beautiful year to come and what better to start the year with our 2012 first release of Tumi music “Clandestino” by David Alvarez: And these are the words translated;
Come misfortune not cry
For no one to keep you
Or who you speak of love.

Come with your breeze wind
To refresh my joy
Come kiss me laugh.

As the moon to the sea
Craving to kiss in your mouth
If I want to love
I’ll rock stone.

Come mourn misfortune
That I was born crying shame
That prompts my soul
To begin to sing.

Who told me of this
And not buried in the mud
Who showed me the touch
Who thus deceived me
Who did not speak of pain, ouch!
It would be asleep or awake.

Who told me of love,
Oh! If he was right.