Santa Ifigenia Cemetery Santiago de Cuba.Mo Fini of “Tumi Music” visits to the resting place of some of Cuba’s greatest heroes and musicians to includue Jose Marti and the late Compay Segundo

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Compay Seguudo is burried in the ravyard of Santiago de Cuba among many heroes.[gallery columns="5" orderby="rand"]

This cemetery owes its name to the Ethiopian Virgin with equal names, baptized by the Apostle San Mateo, and canonized by her miracles.

The idea arises because from the XVI century and until principles of the XIX century, the great majority of the funerals took place fundamentally in the patios of the churches, or inside the same ones when it was about ecclesiastical, military, political or social important personalities.

Santa Ifigenia Cemetery in Santiago de Cuba is home to s one o

Travelling in a cart around Santiago de Cuba.

Travelling in a cart around Santiago de Cuba.

The grave of Compay segundo en Santiago de Cuba.
Compay segundo in Santiago de Cuba

f great Cubans legends both past and temporary. The Cemetery constitutes a reminder of the last and present history of Cuba, because there lies some of the personalities’ rest more valiant and illustrate of the independence wars, as well as some outstanding f

igures of the art and the Cuban culture.To include: Jose Marti, Tomas estrada Palmas,Pantheon of Revolution’s The Martyrs,Pantheon of the Dead for the Defense, Tomb of María Cabrales, Antonio Maceo’s wife,Pantheon of the Dead for the Defense among othrers including more recent Compay Segundo’s resting place and most probably the resting place for Fidel Castro.